Regarding the role of Human Resource executive

I had few questions about my role of Human Resource executive, need a clarity which will help successfully carry out my role.

May I ask them by messaging or give you a call?

Ask from bottom of this FAQ.

Probation period of BDE mentioned is 3 to 9 months, what will I put specifically in the job post- 3, 6 or 9 months?

Put 3 to 9 months, it varies depending upon their performance.

Will BDE’S get marketing materials, banners etc. from our end to do promotions and all?

Check the link in paragraph #6, from "20. Our Policy" at Job opportunity #2:

We allocated a performance based bonus of 25 k per month for all sorts of expenditures one need to perform the allocated task; for one district.

Are Students taking admission to the Global Research Institute of Kitchenopathy?

No, Students taking admission to the Institute of Kitchenopathy, not in the Grioki.

Are they become junior research officer at Grioki?

Yes, after completing successfully the 1 month course.

Their travel arrangement will have to be done by BDE’S?

Yes, they have to keep an active eye so; Students reach to the Institute safely.

Is the Institute in Mumbai?

No, it’s in Navi Mumbai.

After probation work of BDE; the point “Spreading words to find franchisees” --- For whom?

Look at “why should you Join Us?” Link in (Join us to create a sustainable and environmentally better world for future generations.)

Could not understand SOP# 7. Actual onboarded Eco-Evangelists of whom Enrolment Agent started enrolments of students in the probation period will be counted for your post probation period CTC purpose.

BDE has to appoint enrolment associate, than the enrolment associate should start enrolments of students to secure their associate-ship otherwise BDE is free to find another proactive one and appoint him as enrolment associate. Means until active enrolment associate not found & appointed by the BDE, he will not be counted as working BDE for your target achievement.

In the SOP of Job Opportunity #2, didn’t understood the concept of +1 lac

In first it is time took in months to enrol 90 students.

This is understood but need clarity with +1 lac additional part; what they have to do for this?

In 2nd they are recruiting their junior or colleagues in the districts touching boundary of his district to add 1 lac CTC per such recruit who complete their probation period successfully.

Is this junior recruited for same role of BDE?

Yes, to work in; for this senior’s surrounding one district.

Regarding my pay out during probation as far I have understood I will get 25000 monthly payments on 7 th of the next month Or I will get 21000 on 7th and 4000 on 21st if I bring the hardcopy of the bills; Which one correct?

You will get 21000 on 7th and 4000 (after showing performance before 20th) on 21st.

Similarly after probation CTC is divided accordingly? Means how much hiring I have done? Or the bill of work expenses I meant to ask?

If whomever you hired, in last month, started working, visiting & showing enrolments in these three weeks. All sorts of bills passed without asking. Otherwise the auditor's will skin me. 

After probation for example: If 12 L is the CTC; so 1L per month; then how much will I get on 7th and on 21st if I worked full 26 days?

After probation it is in the ratio of 60:40 like 60k & 40k.

Sir, my role would be permanent work from home? 

Yes till you don't take responsibility for a CEO or any other senior position. 

What about the leave policy? 

In WFH setup we always gauge the performance, keeping this in mind you have liberty to manage it. Why should we put Clerical hurdles in the race course? 

That is ok sir I understand it but if i am required to take an emergency for family events, functions etc. then do I get leave? 

Why do we want to compromise our liberty and put responsibility on someone else's shoulder? How does this fulfill the company's agenda and bring us closer to our mission? 

Or would it depend on me so as to how I will be meeting the targets / assigned work for the month?

Yes it's up to you solely.

Do the candidates need to be BBA/MBA /PGDM only, they cannot be other graduates who are also into sales and marketing?

Yes must be professionally qualified BBA/MBA /PGDM.

I meant to ask if they are B.COM, BA, BE other graduates; who are into sales,-- willing to take sales/marketing roles or have experience in it -- can they be hired ?? 

Bringing an outcome from them is much riskier. 

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