Our Ethics

Our Ethics in relevance to the different stakeholders. 

1.  To the taxpayer and the general community our business will not throw up or display an image of the business that we know we do not possess. This is the condition of our transparency.

2. To the consumers our business has a moral responsibility to provide goods and services of the announced quality and at a price that is fair and proper.

3. To the employees, our management ethics includes extension of a fair deal; fair and just standards applied uniformly without favor, prejudice or malice.

4. To the government and other institutions with which our management has dealings, ethical standards imply a fair and truthful presentation of our case, facts and status in all inter-unit and inter-personal deals and transactions.

5. To the creditors and suppliers we give a fair deal, respect agreements & understandings; regulating business conduct & affairs.

6. To the channel members a fair and equal treatment with no idea of exploitation through the use of our power or preeminence.

Though We Keep people Inspired, Involved, Informed, Interested but also focus on their Performance and keep an eye on the online indicators.