Mission 2024

Enrollment of 141 000 students for “30-day job oriented practical training course for graduate students” at Institute of Kitchenopathy®

Mission 2025

31 दिसंबर, 2025 तक भारत में * 1 लाख "कार्बन तटस्थ (उत्सर्जन समतुल्य)" इकोघर बनाना

आप भी मिशन का हिस्सा बन सकते हैं

Create* 1 lac "carbon (emission equivalent) neutral" EcoGhar in India by 31 December, 2025.

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*Create verb 

To bring into existence out of nothing, without the prior existence of the materials or elements used. 

To make or produce from other (e.g. raw, unrefined or scattered) materials or combinable elements or ideas; to design or invest with a new form, shape, function, etc. 

(transitive) To cause, to bring (a non-object) about by an action, behavior, or event, to occasion. 

(transitive) To confer or invest with a rank or title of nobility, to appoint, ordain or constitute. 

(intransitive) To be or do something creative, imaginative, originative. 

To bring into being; to form out of nothing; to cause to exist.